Experience Points

Date XP Gained Party Total Comments
9/23 175 9,175 Dragon Dogs
10/14 500 9,675 Dash for the Keep!
10/21 500 10,175 Old Tunnel: 500xp for ‘Snake Food’ and 50xp for “tactics” and skills.
11/11 1,400 11,575 Temple of Chauntea, 1,000XP. Dragon Attack, 400xp.
12/8 1,025 12,600 Social Encounters (Keep Leadership, Defenders, Imoen, Gauwalt) + Exploration (Mill and Greenest General) + Combat (Residence)
12/16 3,000 15,600 Major Quest Milestone: Defend Greenest; Investigation of Hollowpot Residence; Tactics for Siege on the Keep; Renown for Half Dragon Champions Challenge + small tasks
12/29 372 15,972 Role playing and task successes.
1/27 1,300 17,272 Rearguard Assault; Role Playing and task successes.
1/28, 2/9 1,728 19,000 Raider Camp infiltration, planning and rescue
3/3 800 19,800 Governor Quest Complete; RP and Skills. (Excludes Raider Cave)
3/10 2,370 22,170 Frulam’s Defenders; RP and Skills.
4/21 2,454 24,624 Kobold Colony; RP and Skills from 2 sessions
5/12 1,831 26,455 Dragon Shrine
5/19 2,600 29,055 Raider Cave Complete; Dragon Hatchery Encounter

Explorer 4. Next advancement at 38,000 [Hero 5]

Log of Acquisitions

Note: not a list of current inventory, but a log of notable finds and rewards over time.

  • Wealth: 1500 gp, 6cp, + 300gp String of Pearls; 900gp Gold/Sapphire Ring; 600gp precious stones.
  • Scrolls: Bane, Suggestion, Tiny Hut, Feign Death, Invisibility
  • Potions: Potion of Flying
  • Silk Night Cap (minor magic)
  • Black Crown Cultist Equipment
  • Spark Rods (mechanical)
  • Demon Buckle Belt ; Knuckle Bones Dice; Fold-able Cloth to Stylish Cap
  • 4" Unbreakable Copper Needle (minor magic); Unending Spool of Black Thread (minor magic)
  • Wine Skin with strange markings and a dark energy
  • Dragon Cult Loot Ledger
  • Crude Jar of Healing Ointment
  • 2 Wands of Fire Bolt
  • 2 Stone Carving Tool Kit
  • Cults Raid Strategy Map
Special Item Notes

Silk Night Cap of Pleasant Dreams
Midnight Blue Silk nightcap with silver symbols drawn in thread. This nightcap was created by someone with a curious and experimental disposition. The magic is purely illusion, but is an imperfect magical item.

  • The illusion only affects a target that is willing (auto) or indifferent ( fails Charm Wis Save DC10)
  • While under the effects, the target experiences Pleasant Dreams in the nature of whatever would be pleasant to that person. While under the charm, the creature is incapacitated and blind.
  • The nightcap expends its energy immediately and for up to 8 hours.
  • The nightcap will re-charge itself automatically at the Full Moon, even if hidden. Otherwise, the nightcap can be re-charged by spending at least 2 hours in moonlight.
  • A dispel magic can temporarily remove the effects of the charm until recharged.
  • Creatures taking damage will awake if they lose ‘concentration’ per the concentration rules.


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