The Dragon Cult

Half a millennium has passed since the Cult of the Dragon formed under the mad arch-mage Sammaster. He gathered followers who were drawn by his delusional visions that prophesized the eternal rule of Faerun by undead dragons. He then formulated a process to create the first dracolich which he recorded in his work Tome of the Dragon. Sammaster is dead, but his sinister legacy endures.

It is known that the Cult of the Dragon requires exotic goods and lots of gold to conduct their dark business. Thus, it is known as a criminal and trade organization as much as a magical cabal.

Many know of the cult’s increased activity along the Sword Coast, but the reasons behind the resurgence are unknown.

Churches of Tiamat

The Cult of the Dragon worship the 5 Headed Ancient Dragon, Tiamat, who has been banished to the Nine Hells. Tiamat’s five heads represent each of the primary chromatic dragons: Blue, Green, Red, Black, White.

Within the Cult Organization at large, further segmentation occurs focused on idolization of a specific chromatic dragon color. Each chromatic dragon has a ‘Church Cult’ that most cultists align themselves to. It is not required to be affiliated with a Church, but highly encouraged by the culture.

The Dragon Cult

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