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Cyanwrath: blue half-dragon and assumed cult commander, first spotted in Greenest and dualed with Kellin.

Frulam Mondath: assumed Cult Leader; first heard the name Frulam when torturing a Cultist Captain in the Rearguard.

Redrole Heartwind: Rescued from Raider Camp. Nobleman from the City of Iriaebor. Middle aged human with messy, wavy blonde hair, green eyes, a bit plump and wearing his original fine garments, now torn and dirt laden. He is generous, touting that he will pay those who return him safely to his home, but also annoying and cowardly.

Rezmir: known as the “Dragon Lady”; first heard the name Rezmir when torturing a Cultist Captain in the Rearguard.


Cloakwood: ancient, thickly grown forest of elm, breech, felsul and hiexel trees. Several stream-cut ravines shaded by beech, elm and white pine. Home of both kind and vicious Fey and numerous wild beasts.

Green Fields: Nickname: Halfling Veil. Consists of green fields expanding outward in every direction with patches of outcroppings and rock formations. Tame land of natural beasts and peaceful settlements. Lore states the fields are home of deceased good halflings and home of the halfling pantheon.

Greenest: a town in the Greenfields of South Sword Coast governed by Tarbaw Nighthill. The town is not well defended, but has become more prosperious relative to its station; Greenest was attacked and looted by a Dragon Cult Raiding party.

Wood of Sharp Teeth: Old name: Glimmerwood in the days of the Askavar elves. Modern nickname, Werewoods, due to lycanthropes. Supported by organic-rich soil, this forest is dominated by large specimens of moisture-loving trees such as swamp white oak, black willow, and green ash which tower over thick undergrowth. Dangerous woods inhabited by dire beasts; dragons; dryads; satyrs; druids and werewolves.



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