Historical Events

High Level Historical Events of Toril

Based on 5e Sword Coast Guide

The Days of Thunder
• Tens of thousands of years ago empires existed of reptilian, amphibian and avian people know as the creator races. They built great cities of stone and glass and shaped the wilderness.
• 30,000 years ago, for some reason, these empires vanished and all that remained in the ruins are scattered lizardfolk, bullywugs and aarakocra tribes.

The First Flowering
• From the ruins of the Days of Thunder arose the first nations of the Proud People (Elves and Dwarves).
• Great nations arose and the Proud People regularly defended their homelands against orce hordes that arose from the mountains of the Spine of the World and surged southward to attack and pillage.

The First Sundering
• Thousands of years after the First Flowering, hundreds of elf high mages united to cast a spell intended to create a glorious homeland for their race.
• The spell succeeded but it rippled backward and forward in time and the land was sundered.
• The largest continent of this new world is called Faerun.

The Crown Wars & Descent of the Drow
• Some thirteen thousand years ago war broke out between elven nations beginning a series of conflicts known as the Crown Wars.
• The wars lasted three thousand years and resulted in various changes in Faerun noting the Black Disaster which created a wasteland in North Faerun called the High Moor and a banished elven race to the Underdark known as the Drow.

The Age of Humanity
• A millennia following the end of the Crown Wars, humans spread and settled throughout Faerun as the elven and dwarven races slowly declined. (I don’t know where humans came from)

• Rise and Fall of Netheril.
○ Netheril was an invincible nation of magic and wonders. Great human wizards were born from learnings of the Eaerlanni Elves.
○ A power-mad Netherese arcanist Karsus attempted to unsurp the Goddess of Magic which resulted in the crashing down of Netheril’s floating cities and brought end to the great empire.

• Birth of Great Cities
○ Following the collapse of Netheril, refugees spread and centuries of new cities and regions and alliances were created in Faerun. One example, Waterdeep in 882 DR.

The Present Age
• The four and a half centuries since the establishment of the Lords of Waterdeep have been tumultuious times for the Sword Coast and the world. The last one hundred fifty years have comprised one of the most cataclysmic periods in Faerun’s history. On no fewer than three occassions Toril has been shaken to its core by forces that have repeatedly rewritten the laws of reality.

• Time of Troubles
○ 1358 DR, the gods were cast out of their otherwordly domain and made to wander the land incarnated as mortals.
○ In seeking to recover their divinity, they warred among themselves. Magic became unpredictable, prayers were unanswered and the future landscape of deities was changed.

• Return of Netheril
○ 1374 DR, the floating city of Thultanthar returned to Faerun from its excursion in the Shadowfell.
○ The shadow-touched nobles of the city immediately began hunting for ancient Netherese ruins and artifacts to prepare the restoration of their once-great empire.

• The Spellplague
○ 1385 DR, the evil deity Cyric, aided by Shar, murdered Mystra, the goddess of magic. This act ripped asunder the fabric of magic in the world unleashing its raw power in a catastrophe called the Spellplague.
○ Fearun was reshaped by waves of blue fire and many arcane practitioners were driven mad or killed.
○ The worlds (planets) of Abeir and Toril merged creating areas of swapped or reshaped territory between the planets.

• The Second Sundering
○ After one hundred years of the Spellplague, Faerun become accustomed to the new state of things, but from 1482 to 1487 the rise of the long-dead god of murder Bhaal; geological events and several other conflicts and strange occurrences indicated another wave of changes to Toril.
○ In 1487 to 1488 the worlds (planets) of Abeir and Toril drifted apart “restoring to their original forms” causing cataclysm in some areas while other areas went without notice.
○ In 1487, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions abounded for months as if the whole world was convulsing. Rumors spread of chasms caused by the Spellplague suddenly vanished, stories circulated of known destinations being farther away from one another, as if the world had quietly added miles of wilderness distance between them. It became apparent that some of the effects of the terrible past had been reversed
○ The winter of 1487-1488 lasted longer than normal. Astronomers and navigators closely watched the stars and noticed that the equinoxes and seasons became longer extending the length of a year.

Current Time
○ Over the last few years a few other key events have occurred creating some stability in the land. Hoards of Orcs were defeated in the North; the re-rise of the Netherese Empire failed; many of the wars that began during the Second Sundering had come to a close; and the Gods were no longer silent, but still remain quiet working primarily thru their Chosen.

Now 1490 DR, the world seems a place filled with new lands and opportunities. Conflicts still exist and mighty threats still imperil the world, but adventure awaits for those who dare to leave their homes and make a mark on the world.

Historical Events

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