Adventure Log Posting Guide

Adventure Log Purpose

  • It helps the DM see better thru the players eyes.
  • Some players enjoy creating and/or reading the story.
  • It helps players refresh on events or get caught up from missed sessions.
  • It can help new players get caught up on the campaign.


  • Please set the Date of the Log to the date the game was played on.
  • The Title should be: Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Session #
  • The subject line does not appear in emails (boo). If you want to add a fun subject, please add it as your first line in Italics in the main log body.
  • Enclose each new paragraph with the HTML tag DIV. This will help with Emails. Please see current log examples.
  • Some characters, such as apostrophe, do not show up in emails. You can fix this, if you want to, using the following code as a replacement for the apostrophe character (&apos): example: The Bear&aposs roar.
  • And remember to only set email notifications to me upon your log entry so I can review and officially update or you can send me the draft directly in email.

Adventure Log Posting Guide

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