Hyrsam, the Satyr Prince

Half-man and half goat. One of the most ancient creatures of the Feywild


Hyrsam is one of the most ancient fey creatures in existence. His true goals are both far-reaching and ambitious: Hyrsam seeks no less than the complete collapse of all fey kingdoms so that the Feywild might return to its original pristine state. To that end, his songs sow the seeds of rebellion wherever he goes, and his revelers offer whatever clandestine assistance they can to rebels and traitors.

Hyrsam welcomes everybody into his circle, regardless of race or alignment. The only requirements for his revelers are a sincere love of the Feywild, a talent for music or storytelling, and a willingness to set aside the prejudices of their former lives and live in harmony with the other revelers. That said, Hyrsam has the most fondness for those who share his dream of returning the Feywild to its original unfettered condition.

Hyrsam, the Satyr Prince

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